Inspirational Murals of M Financial’s History Installed at Portland Office

August 4, 2023

Inspirational Murals of M Financial’s History Installed at Portland Office

M Financial Group’s office in downtown Portland, Oregon, recently received an inspiring interior facelift in the way of new murals that adorn the eighth, ninth, and 10th floors.

The murals include 46-by-94-inch portraits of M’s four founders — Eli Morgan, Mark Solomon, Carl Mammel, and Peter Mullin — on floor eight, a sweeping brushed steel national map of M Member Firms on floor nine, and an expandable timeline of notable milestones in M Financial’s history on floor 10.

M Financial President & CEO Russell Bundschuh initiated the mural project to serve as reflection points on the legacy created by M Financial’s founders, service to M Member Firms, and spirit of innovation.

“I’m really impressed with the creative design and execution of this project and have received positive feedback from M’s Board of Directors, visitors, and many employees,” says Bundschuh. “The progression from the portraits of our founders to the national footprint of our Member Firms and timeline of key moments in our history inspires appreciation for where M Financial came from and inspiration for where we’re going.”

“They are a reminder of the legacy created by M’s founders, the strong national presence of our high-performing Member Firms, our robust carrier relationships, and M’s tradition of service and product innovation,” he adds. “It is a story that continues to fuel our efforts as we build the future of M.”

M Financial’s Director of Creative Marketing and Digital Design, Michael Scully, led the creative process.

Among other tasks, Scully’s team was charged with recreating digital versions of decades-old logos and other M ephemera that originally appeared in print. One of the challenges Scully had to overcome alongside M’s Managing Editor, Andrea Reuter, was digging through 45 years of M Financial archives to identify notable milestones for inclusion on the timeline.

Scully also interviewed M Financial Board members Tim Malarkey of Member Firm JKJ Financial Services and Carl Peterson of Member Firm Lindberg & Ripple, as well as long-time M Financial employees and leadership, to gather perspectives on M Financial’s timeline highlights.

The timeline includes M Financial’s origin, proprietary product launches, notable acquisitions, operational watersheds, and markers for when Pacific Life, Unum, Prudential, John Hancock, and Nationwide became M Financial Partner Carriers.

“It was as much an archaeological project as it was a design project,” Scully says.

Scully partnered with Portland-based agency Premier Press for creative collaboration on the murals, working closely with Account Director Marti Jacobsen and Art Director Jason Groschopf. The agency’s Erik Clampitt and Jeff Robinson led the crew through a seamless installation.

“They were a great partner,” Scully says of Premier Press.

Floor 8—The Four Ms Who Started it All

Floor 9—Our Elite Network of High-Performing Member Firms

Floor 10—Milestones in M Financial's History

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