Industry-Leading Collaborators
Committed to advancing client interests

Client advocacy and thought leadership are central tenets of M Financial. Our Member Firms and leaders invest their time and talents in professional organizations that advocate on behalf of the life insurance industry. They also collaborate with leading research organizations to develop new strategies and solutions that will benefit all clients.


Finseca is the trusted, influential voice representing the financial services industry in Washington, D.C. Finseca’s focus is serving the leaders and financial security professionals working to protect the dreams and promote the prosperity of all. Finseca brings together the resources and tradition of the former AALU and GAMA to further elevate, accelerate, and advocate for financial professionals and their clients.


LIMRA is a worldwide research, consulting, and professional development not-for-profit trade association. Nearly 700 financial services companies in 53 countries rely on LIMRA’s research and educational solutions as the trusted resource for helping them make bottom-line decisions with greater confidence. Since 1916, LIMRA has adapted to anticipate and reflect an ever-changing financial security landscape and enabled companies to better understand their customers, markets, distribution channels, and competitors.

The American College (TAC)

The American College (TAC) mission is to raise the level of professionalism of its students and, by extension, the financial services industry as a whole. By imparting expert knowledge—and emphasizing that such knowledge must be regularly renewed and ethically applied—TAC seeks to strengthen not only its students’ professionalism, but also the financial security of individuals, families, businesses, and the communities they serve.

The American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI)

The American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI) advocates on behalf of 280 member companies dedicated to providing products and services that promote consumers’ financial and retirement security. ACLI represents member companies in state, federal, and international forums for public policy that supports the industry marketplace and the 90 million American families that rely on life insurers' products for financial and retirement security.

Financial Services Institute (FSI)

The Financial Services Institute (FSI) was founded in 2004 with a clear mission: to ensure all individuals have access to competent and affordable financial advice, products, and services, delivered by a growing network of independent financial advisors and financial services firms. FSI is focused on creating a healthier, more business-friendly regulatory environment for independent financial services firms and advisors who provide affordable, unbiased advice to hard-working Americans.

The National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA)

The National Association of Plan Advisors, an affiliate organization of the American Retirement Association, was created by and for retirement plan advisors. Membership is also open to other retirement industry professionals who support the interests of plan advisors.

NAPA is the only advocacy group exclusively focused on the issues that matter to retirement plan advisors. This exclusive focus is what sets NAPA apart.

Client Advocacy

We fully align ourselves with the interests of clients, putting the needs and goals of our clients first by reinsuring our products and treating all relations as persistent, long-term commitments.

M Member Firms come in all sizes and specialties, but their commitment to excellent service and client advocacy is the same.