M Experts Contribute to Forbes Article on 2021 Tax Changes

February 8, 2021

M Experts Contribute to Forbes Article on 2021 Tax Changes

M experts Devin LaPlant, VP of Product, and Eric Eklund, Sr. Advanced Markets Consultant, were key contributors to a Forbes article  discussing the 2021 Consolidated Appropriations Act and updated 7702 tax law. The article is focused on how the changes will impact retirement planning. 

The Forbes article provides clarity on the many complex details of this change to tax law. Devin, who oversees the research, development, delivery, and management of exclusive life insurance product solutions for Member Firms, speaks to how product pricing now aligns better with consumer behavior. And Eric, who is responsible for advising the nation’s top life insurance professionals on business, estate, and tax planning, addresses how companies can now accept more premium in the lower interest rate environments.

Devin and Eric both focused on how the modifications to IRC 7702, in conjunction with lower interest rates, impact lifetime planning opportunities, and how certain retirement planning strategies will now be available for more Americans.

This article is a great showcase of the expertise we have on our team and M’s leadership in our industry.

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