Coast-to-Coast Support of Big Brothers Big Sisters

June 20, 2019

Coast-to-Coast Support of Big Brothers Big Sisters

As the 2019 school year transitions into summer, the M Community celebrates our deepening ties to Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS). M team members across the nation have spent time supporting BBBS and we thank everyone for their enthusiastic participation. We’re highlighting recent activities in Miami and Portland and welcome more stories!

East Coast: With almost 200 members of the M Community gathering in Miami to learn about business development opportunities in the international market, MIAC 2019 represented an ideal venue to once again partner with BBBS and give back to the local community. In coordination with our Carrier Sponsors for the meeting — John Hancock, Lincoln Financial, Nationwide, Pacific Life, Pan American Life, Prudential, and Symetra — attendees worked together to assemble 200 fitness bags with fun items donated by our Carriers for the children of BBBS Miami. Items included everything from water bottles and sweat towels to jump ropes and rocket footballs!

Thank you to the team at BBBS of Miami and to all MIAC attendees who contributed to this successful community event!

West Coast:
This year, M Portland team members participated in the 2019 BBBS Columbia Northwest Beyond School Walls mentoring program. This initiative connects youth to opportunities and access in the corporate world.  As the school year wrapped, team members prioritized attending school-site parties and making time to sharing memories with their mentees. Cheers to all those who made this year’s partnership such a success!