March 4, 2022

Build a Bright Future with Magnet

Demand for life insurance products is growing—a trend that’s expected to continue. Professionals who are passionate about sharing knowledge with others can leverage this opportunity to build a rewarding career in financial services.

Consider This:

  • Six in 10 consumers said they have heightened awareness of life insurance¹
  • Consumer demand for death benefits and inflation protection helped double sales of variable universal life insurance in the third quarter of 2021²
  • The first six months of 2021 recorded the highest insurance policy sales growth since 1983³

“Magnet has helped me gain immense knowledge of the insurance space and allowed me to work with lifelong friends, mentors, and peers in the industry.”

Jacalyn Barens
Magnet Financial Professional, Chamberlain Group

Tap into Emerging Opportunities

Changing tax laws are driving interest in financial solutions like life insurance. High earners and wealthy individuals can use these products to grow, protect, and transfer assets to future generations. Entrepreneurial professionals who can provide personalized advice and help clients develop a customized long-term financial strategy can build a lucrative business in this growing market.

Immersive Training & Mentoring

If you enjoy working with people and want a career with long-term independence and growth potential, consider becoming a financial professional through M Financial Group’s Magnet Program. Magnet’s salaried, two-year professional development program provides industry-leading training and extensive mentoring dedicated to your success. Magnet’s influential community can help you:

  • Build a network of clients
  • Learn from industry veterans
  • Connect with like-minded peers for support

Magnet is committed to improving diversity in financial services and supporting financial literacy and economic empowerment in underserved communities. If you’re interested in joining the next generation of financial professionals, visit or email to learn about an opportunity near you.

¹ LIMRA Life Insurance Awareness Month 9/1/21
² ThinkAdvisor, 12/3/21
³ LIMRA Q2 U.S. Life Insurance Sales Survey, 9/1/21


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