November 17, 2021

Life Insurance as an Asset Protection Tool

Asset protection is commonly used to mitigate the effects of future creditors, lawsuits, and other liabilities. Jay Adkisson, attorney and Managing Partner of Adkisson Pitet LLP, explores current planning trends and how life insurance can be an effective asset protection tool when used within trusts and advanced estate planning strategies.

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Jay Adkisson

As an attorney and Managing Partner of Adkisson Pitet LLP, Jay Adkisson focuses on creditor-debtor and non-consumer collections, business planning, captive insurance, estate planning, and general commercial litigation. He’s a columnist for and a popular legal and financial speaker. Jay has also authored several books on asset protection and captive insurance, including Asset Protection: Concepts & Strategies (with co-author Christopher Riser), Adkisson's Captive Insurance Companies, and the Charging Order Practice Guide

Jay has served as the Chair of the Committee on Captive Insurance and the Chair of the Committee on Insurance & Financial Services. He has also served as ABA adviser to the drafting committees of the Uniform Voidable Transaction Act, the Uniform Protected Series Act, the Uniform Public Expression Protection Act, and the Uniform Registration of Canadian Judgements Act.

Jay is a member of the American Bar Association and earned his Juris Doctor degree,with honors from the University of Oklahoma College of Law. He has served as an expert witness to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee and lectured the U.S. Department of Justice and Internal Revenue Service on judgment enforcement and collection.