Practice Consulting and Solution Delivery

Scouting Value Through the Lens of M’s Strategic Initiatives

The skills and expertise of M Financial’s professionals distinguish our company as a leader in the financial services industry. The collective effort of individuals and teams at M Financial ensures our consistent delivery of exceptional products, services, and client experiences.

Greg Pelletier, Director
M’s Practice Consulting and Solution Delivery

Greg Pelletier is Director of M’s Practice Consulting and Solution Delivery team, the vanguard for identifying opportunities within Member Firms that can be positively leveraged through M’s strategic initiatives and technology.

Greg has a rich history in financial services and insurance. He earned a bachelor’s degree in management from Stonehill College in 2003 while working as a Production Coordinator for Putnam Investments. Afterward, Greg took a position as a Financial Advisor with American Express Financial Advisors.

For the next two decades, he held a variety of roles in financial services and insurance, and in 2017 he received his MBA from Wake Forest University. Greg joined M’s Business Development team in 2018 and has served as M’s Director of Practice Consulting and Solution Delivery since July 2020.

A significant aspect of his team’s work is advancing M’s key strategic initiatives:

  • Magnet, which recently completed its second successful year, is a professional mentorship program for the development of skilled, diverse individuals. Greg directs the Magnet Program and works closely with Member Firms to ensure they have access to Magnet and that the program continues its advanced evolution as a valuable resource for firms.
  • Aperture, launched in spring 2021, is M’s proprietary digital marketing content platform.
  • Swift, launched in spring 2021, is the industry’s only FINRA-compliant consolidated reporting tool for variable products.
  • Prism, launched in spring 2020, is M’s one-stop solution for carrier submissions, record requests, and accelerated underwriting.

The Practice Consulting and Solution Delivery team operates in two phases: identify Member Firms that are a good fit for specific strategic initiatives, and then work with firms to craft initiative-based solutions around the identified opportunities—the latter in close collaboration with M’s Member Firm Engagement and Training team.

“We assess which Member Firms might benefit the greatest through a strategic initiative and how our unique and proprietary digital marketing or consolidated reporting can serve them. We also explore opportunities to grow a firm’s expertise by having a new Magnet professional join them,” Greg explains. “Once a firm decides to participate in one of the initiatives, the Solution Delivery team is brought on board to support in every facet.”

Member Firms contact Greg and his team for information about strategic initiative involvement, but it comes down to building quality relationships with firms and for Greg’s team to identify the business opportunities that result from those relationships.

Liz Ficken (who Greg notes is M’s Aperture expert) and Sarah Parish are Solution Delivery Specialists who work directly with Member Firms to ensure the delivery of highly effective, tailored solutions.

Joe Kaplan is the Magnet Program Sales Manager and comes from Prudential with over 20 years of sales experience. He is responsible for the recruitment, retention, and success of Magnet Financial Professionals. Leslie Cotton-Wainscott works with Joe to spearhead Magnet Financial Professional recruitment efforts.

Liz Ficken, Solution Delivery Specialist
Sarah Parish, Solution Delivery Specialist
Joe Kaplan, Sales Manager, Magnet
Leslie Cotton-Wainscott, Talent Recruitment, Magnet

“The team is everything,” Greg says. “I feel like it’s one of the best teams because we truly care about the Member Firms and are always looking to improve or evolve to support firm growth. We really want the Member Firms to experience the success these initiatives will bring. And our team is here to make life easy for our firms with a Member Firm-first mindset.”