Member Firm Engagement and Training

Supplying Premium Support Across M’s Products and Services

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M’s Member Firm Engagement and Training
Elizabeth Breedlove

Elizabeth Breedlove is the Director of Member Firm Engagement and Training. She is a longtime M Financial professional with an impressive track record of working toward Member Firm success.

Soon after receiving a second bachelor’s degree from Southern Oregon University—the first in business administration and marketing, the second in business education—Elizabeth took a position at M in 1995 working with the Director of Meetings and Events. In 2003, she moved to the Technology Solutions team, where she was later promoted to the role of Director for Member Firm Technology Services.

With 26 years of M institutional knowledge, Elizabeth is a go-to resource for Member Firms.

“I have long-term relationships with many of the firms, and I enjoy being a touchpoint for them for any questions around support or technical support,” Elizabeth says.

As the Director of Member Firm Engagement and Training since February 2019, she’s focused on ensuring Member Firms get the greatest value out of opportunities identified by M’s Practice Consulting and Solution Delivery team—or out of any M product or service, for that matter.

“We show Member Firms best practices and how placing our products and initiatives into their daily routine will help them succeed in meeting their business objectives and better serving their clients,” Elizabeth explains. “We also want to stay tightly connected with Member Firms to take feedback, address challenges, and work with the firms to ensure they understand the many incredible benefits and efficiencies our products and initiatives offer.”

Elizabeth’s Member Firm Engagement and Training team has three divisions: Change Management, Training, and Performance Reporting.

Change Management

Elizabeth has been the consistent, foundational motivator for Change Management, which focuses on cultivating a deep understanding of how a new program, product, or initiative will affect a Member Firm’s daily business and, ultimately, client satisfaction. The team invests a lot of time getting to know every firm through interviews and surveys and by tracking key performance indicators that highlight areas of opportunity for improved performance and efficiency.


The Training division creates and develops targeted digital instructional materials, including reference guides, videos, and webinars structured around a best-practice delivery strategy to maximize engagement and value. It’s composed of two parts: the Training Delivery team, made up of Shirley Johnson and Andrew Lawrence, and the Learning Development team, which consists of Adam Kupka and Dave Wychor.

Both teams are very involved in creating, implementing, and presenting training materials to support current technology systems such as SmartOffice and M’s strategic initiatives.

Shirley Johnson, Trainer and Content Designer
Andrew Lawrence, Trainer and Content Designer
Adam Kupka, Manager Learning & Development
David Wychor, Senior Instructional Designer

Performance Reporting

The Performance Reporting division is led by Lori Crichton. Lori analyzes data to identify and place into context the variables needed to assess the success of user adoption for specific initiatives, systems, and partnerships. She is key to the development and maintenance of reports for the Magnet Program, where M tracks Magnet Financial Professionals’ monthly sales pipeline activities, potential revenue, and actual revenue when a policy is sold.

Lori Crichton, Business Report Analyst

Collectively, the divisions roll into Member Firm Engagement and Training to satisfy the M goal of delivering the highest possible value to Member Firms.

“We’re here to help the M Community be efficient and adopt best practices within the systems they currently have,” Elizabeth says. “It’s also about building relationships and being there to support whenever and wherever we can.”