Jeri L. Turley

Winged Keel Group

Richmond, VA

Jeri is a Principal of Winged Keel Group, leading the firm’s Richmond, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., offices. Prior to joining Winged Keel Group in 2019, Jeri served as President and Principal of BCG Companies in Richmond and BCG Holleman in Chevy Chase, Maryland.  

Jeri has served on the M Financial Board of Directors since 2017. She currently serves as Chair of the Executive Committee for Finseca, where she has been a Board member since 2014.

Jeri’s many articles advocating for social progress, innovation, and informed decision-making in successful succession planning have been featured in various industry-leading publications, and she is a featured speaker at industry conferences and forums nationwide.  

Jeri earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in international business and economics from James Madison University.